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Welcome to the DHS Athletics department, home of the Dexter Dreadnaughts! 

In order to participate in athletic programs at DHS, families must complete the following for their athletes: 

  • Submit an athletics registration form
  • Complete Pay to Play payment via Community Education's website, or complete a scholarship application.
  • Obtain a current, signed MHSAA physical form (completed no earlier than April of the prior school year)

Students will not be able to practice or compete until these items are completed. All the information needed for these items is contained in the modules below.

Athletics Registration

Every student who participates in high school athletics must complete an electronic registration form once each year. Parents can call our office to update sports and contact info if needed. Use the link below to register your student. This form must be completed each year.  Forms can be completed starting July 1 for the upcoming school year. Please use the form for the building your student attends. 

Pay-to-Play Requirement

Pay-to-Play Requirement

Once tryouts have concluded, school sport* participants must meet district pay-to-play requirements.  All pay-to-play payments can be made online through Community Education, or in person at the DHS Athletic Office.

High School Pay Athletic Fees are as follows:

  • 1st sport: $250
  • 2nd sport: $150
  • 3rd sport: $100

Fees are per student, per school year. There is a family cap of $700 per year.

Athletic Scholarships are available on a season-by-season basis. Please apply for scholarship funds as early as possible. Return the Athletic Scholarship Application to the DHS Athletic offices.

*The Pay to Participate fee structure applies to school sports only. Self-funded sports fees are entirely separate from school-funded sports fees. They are determined by each sport and have no bearing on school pay-to-play family discounts. Students still register with DHS athletics, but payments are made to the club that runs that sport rather than through the school pay-to-play system. 

Admission to High School Athletic Events

Prices for Admission to DCS High School Home Athletic Events

Single admission to regular season athletic events:

  • Regular games: Adults $5.00
  • Students/Senior Citizens (62 and older): $3.00
  • Children 5 and under get in free

Admission to District/Regional or State games (prices are set by MHSAA)

  • Flat: $5.00 Adult & Student

Athletic Event Passes

Save money by planning ahead. The district offers several cost-saving passes for admission to home athletic events. All can be purchased/obtained in the DHS Athletic Office, weekdays 7:30am-3:00pm when school is in session.

Yearly Passes:
  • Adult Pass: $60.00 - (One pass per adult in home. Passes cannot be shared.) Good for admission to home athletic events for the year.
  • Student Pass: $20 (For students currently enrolled in a Dexter School. cannot be shared.) Good for admission to home athletic events for the year.

Punch Cards

  • All ages: $25.00. This allows 10 entries into home athletic events. One punch per person per event. (This is non-refundable if lost or stolen because it can be shared).
Senior Passes:
  • Free pass for seniors 62 and over, must be obtained from the Athletic office during school hours.  (Only available for seniors living in the Dexter School district, must show I.D. at entry/cannot be shared). 
Staff Passes:
  • As a benefit of employment, DCS staff who bring school ID to athletic events can enter with themselves and one guest. (If ID is not present, staff pay regular admission.)

Concussion Information

Concussion Information

Concussions are a serious problem for athletes. Dexter Community Schools require all athletes, their families, and coaches to learn about concussion and sign a pledge form indicating they understand the seriousness and will comply with our concussion protocol. The pledge is included in our Athletics Registration form, but the information is posted below for your reference.

School Attendance

School Attendance

  1. An athlete must be present at all games and practices as designated by the coach unless absent from school due to personal illness or excused by the coach prior to the absence.
  2. An athlete must be in classroom attendance all day in order to dress and participate in an athletic contest and/or practice that day, unless excused by a prearranged special excuse. A special excuse is defined as a doctor, dentist appointment, or a funeral. The student must demonstrate proof upon request from the Coach and Athletic Director. Staying home to rest or calling in sick for half the day is not considered excused absences. This will not meet the all day requirement and the athlete will not be allowed to participate.
  3. Under emergency circumstances exceptions to the rule MAY BE GRANTED by the Director of Athletics, Principal or Assistant principal. The coach is to be notified of the granting of the waiver.



Adults who are not permanent DCS employees but are in our buildings and facilities interacting/working with students on a regular basis must have a volunteer form on file. This includes classroom parents, club leaders, athletic team helpers, and so forth.

Complete the Volunteer form below and return it to the athletic office. This information is kept confidential within our HR department.


All Athletics Forms

DHS Academic Eligibility

Academic Eligibility

The student athlete’s eligibility will be determined at the end of each marking period and at the mid- term of each marking period. It will be the responsibility of the athletic director and the principal to evaluate each student athlete and inform coaches of eligibility status. If at either of these measurement points the student athlete is not achieving the academic requirements for fully eligible status, consequences will be imposed (see below) and eligibility determination will be assessed weekly, based on student reports. Students will be responsible for submitting the weekly progress report, and will become ineligible to compete if they fail to do so. The eligibility policy consists of four tiers of eligibility status: MHSAA Ineligible, Ineligible, Probation, and Eligible. These four categories are described below and in the attached table. The minimum threshold for athletic participation is the MHSAA regulation, which prohibits participation in athletics if the student is failing more than two classes. Any student failing to meet this requirement is considered “MHSAA Ineligible” and will be ineligible to compete in athletics in any capacity until the requirement has been satisfied. MHSAA eligibility is determined based on the end of marking period grades. The Dexter High School requirement for achieving fully eligible status is “passing all classes and maintaining at least a 2.0 GPA.” The academic performance assessment is based on the most recent marking period completed, or the current marking period, depending on the timeframe of the measurement. Between “MHSAA Ineligible” status and “Eligible” status, the levels of “Probation” and “Ineligible” address the situations where students satisfy the state eligibility requirement, but fall short of the Dexter requirements. PROBATION Students will be placed on probation if they are a) failing a single class, yet are maintaining at least a 2.0 GPA, or b) not failing any classes, but have a GPA less than 2.0. They will be allowed to practice and compete, but will be placed on a weekly progress report for the remainder of the marking period. Eligibility will be determined on a weekly basis. * Probation status is limited to 4.5 weeks. If a student has not achieved eligible status by the end of this period, the student becomes ineligible. A student with two Ds will also be on probation. INELIGIBLE Students are ineligible if they are a) failing two classes or b) failing one class, but have a GPA less than 2.0. “Failing two classes” is defined as receiving two Es , or an E and two Ds (two Ds equal an E). Ineligible students will be allowed to practice, but not to compete. SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES Fall sports athletes will be evaluated for eligibility based on their grades from the previous marking period. It is recommended that students who failed one class should take a summer class to replace the grade and avoid becoming ineligible to compete. Summer classes need to be similar to the failed class and provide credit toward graduation. Due to the fact that competition begins before classes do for most fall sports, an athlete who is ineligible will miss a minimum of the first three days of competition. Athletes in this situation must obtain two satisfactory progress reports to return to competition. All 9th grade students will be automatically eligible to participate in a fall sport. Students who did not meet the eligibility from 8th grade will be placed on a weekly progress report as soon as classes begin and will be monitored by the coach and athletic director. Their eligibility will be determined on a week- to-week basis until the end of the first marking period. After the first marking period of the freshman year, these students will be subject to the same eligibility policy as all other high school students. *An unsatisfactory progress report is one in which a student is failing two classes or has an E and two Ds. If the student is already on probation, an unsatisfactory report is one in which the student has failed to improve their failing grade at 4.5 weeks or is not doing work that averages a 2.0 GPA. A student who fails to submit a progress report in a given week will have that considered an unsatisfactory report.

MHSAA Academic Policy


To be eligible, a middle school and high school student must comply with the following rules:

Enrollment — He/she must be enrolled full time in a high/middle school no later than the fourth Friday after Labor Day or the fourth Friday of February. A student must be enrolled in the school for which he or she competes. Full time enrollment is considered taking four core courses through the school for which the athlete competes.

Age — He/she must be under 19 years of age, except that a student whose 19th birthday occurs on or after September 1 of a current school year is eligible for the balance of that school year.

Physical Examination — He/she must have passed a current year physical examination. A record must be on file in the Athletic Office. The current year commences the first day after the school year closes in the spring for summer vacation. A physician’s statement for the current school year is interpreted as any physical examination given on or after April 15th of the previous school year.

Seasons of Competition — He/she must not have more than four first-semester and four second-semester seasons of competition in a sport in a four-year high school, or three first-semester and three second-semester seasons in a three-year high school, including present seasons. When two seasons leading to a State championship of the same sport are offered, an athlete may participate in only one.

Semester of Enrollment — He/she must not have been enrolled for more than eight semesters in grades nine to twelve, inclusive. Seventh and eighth semesters must be consecutive. Three-week enrollment or participation in one or more athletic contests constitutes a semester of enrollment.

Undergraduate Standing — He/she must not be a high school graduate.

Previous Semester Record — He/she must have received at least two credit hours for work taken during the previous semester of enrollment. (four classes passed)

Current Semester Record — Students must maintain academic eligibility in order to be eligible to participate in athletics. High school students must be passing four courses (each course passed equals 1/2 credit per semester) to satisfy MHSAA regulations. Students ineligible by MHSAA standards at the semester’s end will be withheld from athletic competition the succeeding semester.

Transfers — Student-athletes must have had an accompanying change of residence by the student’s parent, guardian or other person with whom the athlete has been living during the period of his or her last high school enrollment, into the district or service area of the school, to be eligible during the first semester in attendance.

Awards — Student-athletes must not have accepted any award or merchandise exceeding $25 in value for athletic performance. Athletes accepting memberships, privileges, services, negotiable certificates, or money are in violation. For amateur practices, students may not have accepted money, merchandise, memberships, privileges, services or other valuable consideration for participating in any form of athletics, sports, games or for officiating inter-scholastic athletic contests, or have signed a professional athletic contract. (Reinstatement will not be considered for one year.)

Limited Team Membership — A student who, after practicing with or participating in an athletic contest or scrimmage as a member of a high school athletic team, participates in any athletic competition not sponsored by his or her school in the same sport during the same season, shall become ineligible for a minimum of the next three contests/days of competition and maximum of the remainder of that season in that school year.

DHS Athletic Events

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