Wylie STudents Running on Track
three students playing tambourines
Preschoolers eating lunch
Wylie students in the school rain garden
dhs girls swimmer
Group of Wylie Teachers
students in the end of year parade
collaboration space at DEEC
cheerleaders on a float
Bikes at school
Crowd of Wylie students outside in spirit shirts

Fast Facts

190 Years of History

Dexter's first school was built in 1830 on "B" Street downtown, with a second school built next door in 1843. Dexter Union Schoolhouse was built in 1857 at 7714 Ann Arbor Street , the site of the present-day “Copeland Building”. This facility was rebuilt in 1887 with a major addition in 1936. In 1950, twelve local districts were consolidated to form the district known as “Dexter Agricultural Schools,” now known as Dexter Community Schools.

3600 Students

Dexter Community Schools serves approximately 3600 students and includes the City of Dexter and parts of eight townships: Dexter, Webster, Scio, Northfield, Hamburg, Lima, Freedom, and Lodi. 

9 Buildings on Campus

The Dexter Community Schools Campus includes nine buildings within walking distance of each other: Jenkins ECLC Preschool; Bates School (which houses half day preschool, Community Education, and the DCS administrative offices); Anchor and Beacon (which make up the Dexter Early Elementary C0mplex), Wylie Elementary, Creekside Intermediate, Mill Creek Middle, Dexter High School, and Dexter Alternative School.