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School Age Care

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Dexter Community Education
School Age Care Program
2704 Baker Road
Dexter MI 48130
734-424-4180 ext. 1410 
Hours of operation: Dismissal from school until 6p


Dexter Community Services is pleased to offer school age care services at Bates School in addition to the many opportunities we offer for the Dexter Community.
Our staff are highly motivated individuals who are qualified, experienced and caring. Our licensed program has been in operation for over 20 years, offering extended services beyond the school calendar. The care program is closed when school is canceled due to inclement weather.
Anchor, Beacon & Wylie students are escorted by Dexter Community Education staff to their Aftercare classroom.  Creekside students ride the bus to the bus hub and walk to their Aftercare classroom.  Each classroom has a lead teacher and an assistant, all of whom are experienced and highly motivated caregivers.   

No School Days

When school is scheduled not to be in session for either a full or half-day, we offer special programs for Young 5 through 6th grade students in Dexter Community Schools. You may choose which days to enroll your child. Our programs are fun, age appropriate, and incorporate a wide variety of activities. We plan projects, presentations, and off-site learning opportunities to develop and enhance children’s interests and awareness of the world around them. These programs are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. In the event that programs do not fill, they may be cancelled or plans may be adjusted.

School Age Care Frequently Asked Questions

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