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Camp Dexter

Camp Dexter is a traditional day camp for children in Young 5/Kindergarten through 5th grades who have completed one year of school by 6/2020. 
We are located in Bates School, 2704 Baker Road, Dexter MI 48130  734-424-4180 ext. 1303


Camp Dexter is opening Monday, June 22, and will be held at Bates School.  Contact the Community Education office for more information.

For further information, please contact Program Coordinator Jon Keith. 734-424-4180 ext. 1302.

Summer Fun

two campers smile while working on art
two campers work on a watercolor painting
campers and a counselor float in a pool
campers play in sprinklers at a water park
a camper plays with a water spout at a park
campers pose on a field trip to the Jiffy Mix factory in Chelsea
a smiling camper digs in the sand
a camper jumps on a trampoline during a field trip
campers eat ice cream
a camper smiles at a house of cards he built
three campers read together
campers playing chess
campers point at creature in an aquarium at the zoo
 group of campers plays in the pool
a camper smiles as a bird perches on a stick she's holding
campers point at an aquarium at the zoo
campers eat ice cream on the steps of the Dexter gazebo
two smiling campers go down a slide
campers pose at the University of Michigan stadium on a field trip
campers laugh during a water gun fight
three smiling campers work on art
a camper plays at a water park
campers play a tag game in the gym
campers pose with a Dreadbot machine after a robotics demonstration
a camper smiles with a chicken perched on her head
Campers navigate a natural obstacle course
Campers sit and smile with a counselor in the sun
campers pose with a dinosaur skull fossil at a museum
campers sit on a tractor during a field trip
Campers play a giant piano keyboard on a field trip