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Camp Dexter

Camp Dexter is a traditional day camp for children currently in grades in Young 5/Kindergarten through 5th grade, who have completed one year of school by June 2023. Camp Dexter operates for nine or ten weeks each summer. Sign up for three or more days per week, from one week to all summer! We will offer indoor/outdoor games, crafts & other tabletop activities, campers choice time, movies, and more! Camp hours are Monday through Friday, from 7:30am through 6:00pm at Bates School.  Drop off begins as early as 7:30am.  Pick up ends as late as 6:00pm.  Departure/return times on field trip days are shared in advance. 

We are located in Bates School, 2704 Baker Road, Dexter MI 48130  734-424-4180

For further information, please contact Community Education 734-424-4180.


  • Registration opens March 17th for current after care families who want Monday through Friday;
  • Registration opens April 5th for any family who wants Monday through Friday;
  • Registration opens May 1st, space permitting, for partial week schedules. 
First priority goes to current care families who want full weeks. If there is space available, we will consider part-week schedules starting May 1, 2023.

2023 FEES

  • Full week: $250
  • Daily: $60 (if available)
  • Sibling Discount: $10/sibling - full week only

Summer Fun

two campers smile while working on art
two campers work on a watercolor painting
campers and a counselor float in a pool
campers play in sprinklers at a water park
a camper plays with a water spout at a park
campers pose on a field trip to the Jiffy Mix factory in Chelsea
a smiling camper digs in the sand
a camper jumps on a trampoline during a field trip
campers eat ice cream
a camper smiles at a house of cards he built
three campers read together
campers playing chess
campers point at creature in an aquarium at the zoo
 group of campers plays in the pool
a camper smiles as a bird perches on a stick she's holding
campers point at an aquarium at the zoo
campers eat ice cream on the steps of the Dexter gazebo
two smiling campers go down a slide
campers pose at the University of Michigan stadium on a field trip
campers laugh during a water gun fight
three smiling campers work on art
a camper plays at a water park
campers play a tag game in the gym
campers pose with a Dreadbot machine after a robotics demonstration
a camper smiles with a chicken perched on her head
Campers navigate a natural obstacle course
Campers sit and smile with a counselor in the sun
campers pose with a dinosaur skull fossil at a museum
campers sit on a tractor during a field trip
Campers play a giant piano keyboard on a field trip

Student Information

If there is any additional information you feel is important for us to know that would help make your students' camp experience as awesome as possible, please communicate that with our staff on the first day of camp. Our mission is to provide a safe, fun summer experience they will remember for a lifetime!

What do I need to send for Camp every day? 

  • Please pack a lunch and two snacks for your camper each day. On field trip days, label your camper's lunch bag because we will place them in large coolers and take them with us on the buses.
  • spray sunscreen (per license rules, we aren’t allowed to supply sunscreen)
  • water bottle
  • on swimming (Mondays) and spray park days (Thursdays), bring a bathing suit AND towel, and a plastic bag for wet gear afterwards.
  • appropriate footwear for running around inside & out (flip flops aren’t conducive to gym & playground activities!)

Field Trips

Dexter bus drivers take us to a fun field trip destination each week with many NEW destinations this year and a return to the top two Camp D favorites. We also go to Blue Heron Bay Splash Park each week.  A copy of the field trip schedule will be available at the beginning of June.  


  • Camp Dexter students can be dropped off beginning at 7:30 am. Our morning activity starts around 9:00 am - please drop them off by this time if possible. 
  • On field trip days, your student needs to be here by the time the buses leave. A communication will go out each week to the families registered that week with those times. 
  • A parent/guardian is expected to walk their student into the building. You must sign your child in on the iPad on the information table in Hill hallway.
  • Students should arrive with sunscreen applied.


  • Sign your student out on the iPad at the information table . Even if you get your student from the playground at the end of the day, enter the building and sign them out. BE SURE TO SIGN YOUR STUDENT IN & OUT EACH DAY. Accurate records are required for child care licensing purposes.
  • Students may be picked up before 6:00p according to your needs but must be picked up no later than 6:00 pm.
  • Be sure to make contact with a camp staff person at pick up so they know you arrived to pick up your child.
  • Only people listed on your Child Care Account as an Authorized Pick-Up will be able to sign out your child. If you need to add a grandparent or similar to that list, visit this website for directions. Our Eleyo home page is If you aren't able to manage authorized pickups on your account, reach out to our office. 

Medical Information

If your student has allergies, a medical condition, or requires medication at school, please make sure you communicate their needs to Community Education. We will be following up with parents of students with allergies and/or medical concerns in the next couple of days. Your students' safety is our highest priority!

How do I cancel an upcoming date my student is scheduled for?

Cancelling dates without having to pay for a previously scheduled day requires two weeks notice prior to the start of the week.  Email all schedule changes to


The table below outlines the schedule for removing dates without penalty, and the invoice, payment and late fee dates. 


Week of

Deadline to add/remove dates

Invoice sent on

Payment due date*












3-Jul (Camp closed July 3 & 4)



































My child is sick or won't be attending camp on a scheduled day do I need to tell anyone?

Please notify the Community Education office if your student will be absent from Camp Dexter by emailing

Swimming Info for Camp Dexter

Camp Dexter participants always have the option of swimming or not - their choice.

  • Wylie Pool The campers are offered an opportunity to pass a swim test each week. This is completely optional. Those who pass are allowed to swim in the deep end of the pool and use the diving boards. Unless they pass the test, they must remain in the shallow end of the large pool or in the small pool. Some staff may get in the pool with the kids. The others sit on the bench next to the small pool. We always have 1-2 lifeguards. Historically, about 90% of the participants remain in the small pool. Some parents send their kids with a life vest, with the zipper up the front. Totally acceptable. These are available at Meijer, Target, Costco, etc. The individual inflatable arm bands are unsafe and not allowed.
  • Independence Lake Blue Heron Bay Splash Park. The facility staff supervise the children plus our camp staff observe them as well. We spend 60-75 minutes at the splash park. There is no deep water at BHB. The water slides empty into step out lanes. BHB employs splash park attendants - no lifeguards.
  • Rolling Hills Water Park  Those who have passed the Wylie swim test are allowed in the wave pool, lazy river and on all water slides. They will wear a neon yellow wristband (provided). Those who have NOT passed the Wylie swim test are allowed to play in the zero-edge area and on the kiddie slide, but are not allowed in the wave pool, lazy river or the water slides.


My child is enrolled in other district activities in the summer. Is transportation provided to & from camp?

Camp Dexter does not coordinate transportation between buildings for other activities.