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Director of Community Education and Jenkins ECLC
David Teddy 424-4180 x 1414 
fax 734-426-9515
At certain times of the year or times of day, our main phone line can be quite busy. Please leave a message if you can't get through. We will return your call in the order received, usually within one business day. Please feel free to email us, as well. If we are not at our desks, we often still have access to email.

Here's whom to contact if you need specific help from Community Education:

Facility Rentals and Academic or Athletic Reservations

  • Billing & Facility Questions; New and Existing Public or Group Rentals, New and Existing Academic/Athletic Reservations: Jill Breitag 424-4180



Community Education Classes

  • Instructor info, course info, proposals, facility coordination, course registration: Jon Keith 424-4100 ext. 1302 
  • Registration and payment assistance: Jill Breitag 424-4180


  • Attendance Line: 424-4180 option 1
  • Enrollment Info, Scheduling, Finances, Program Concerns   Gina Benson 424-4180 ext. 1413  or David Teddy  424-4180 ext. 1414
  • Last-minute Schedule Changes, General Info, Phone or online payments: Carla Wilson 426-4180 ext. 1411 

School-age Child Care, Special Programs, Summer Camp

  • Program and Staffing - Jon Keith 424-4180 x1302
  • Schedule Changes/Enrollment - Jill Breitag 424-4180 
  •  Absences and Billing - Jill Breitag 424-4180 

Jill Breitag

Community Education Secretary

Michael Downing


Jon Keith

Program Coordinator

David Teddy

Community Education Director

Carla Wilson

Jenkins ECLC Secretary