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Instructor Information

Background Checks

Volunteer assistants, parent helpers and high school students must complete the Volunteer Form and attach a photocopy of their driver's license.  Adults who are paid to work with youth must be fingerprinted using the Live Scan method.  Email Jon Keith at or call 734-424-4175 before beginning the Live Scan fingerprinting process. 


Adults who are paid to work with our youth sports programs are hired through Edustaff.   Email Jon Keith at or call 734-424-4175 before beginning the Edustaff employment application process. 



Some Community Education courses are taught by contractors. Contractors must submit the following paperwork prior to class start date in order to be paid.

Return all contractor forms to: 
Jon Keith (734-424-4180 ext. 1302). 


  • EduStaff employees are paid hourly or by stipend, depending on their arrangements. Hourly employees are paid every other Friday, and time sheets are due to the Community Education secretary the Monday of the pay week.
  • EduStaff stipend employees will be paid on the next Friday after their class is completed. 
  • Contract Instructors are paid on the 15th or 31st day of the month after their class finishes.  

Propose a Class

Interested in teaching a class?

 Submit a proposal!
Please review our district school calendar when proposing your class dates. Community Education classes do not meet on days when school is not in session during the school year. Submit completed proposal to Jon Keith.


Music instructors invited to teach private lessons to DHS students should review this document for information on how to complete the hiring process and reserve space.