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Instructional Support Team

The Instructional Support Team  (IST) is responsible for facilitating change in instructional practices in order to better identify student needs, plan more productively, and continuously increase teaching effectiveness.  This team assists teachers in improving classroom instruction through one-on-one, small group, and whole group professional development and coaching. Coaches facilitate lesson and unit development, instructional rounds, data analysis, differentiated instruction and personalized learning for students and staff.

Executive Director of Curriculum and Strategic Initiatives Mollie Sharrar
Executive Director of Curriculum and Strategic Initiatives
Mollie Sharrar enjoys the challenge and excitement of leading the Instructional Support team and helping the district move in innovative directions with a focus on personalizing learning. She has been with Dexter Schools since 1990 and has held positions as middle school science, math and health teacher, middle and high school administrator, and district administrator. Mollie's advanced degrees include Educational Leadership and Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with her husband and grown children, read, exercise, travel and enjoy friends and family.
(734) 424-4100 ext. 7346
K-12 INstructional Coach Ashley Kerns
K-12 Instructional Coach Ashley Kerns is an elementary certified educator and has taught 2nd through 5th grades since starting her teaching career in 2006. After working in districts in Southern California and South East Michigan, she joined Dexter community schools first as a second-grade classroom teacher, and now as an Instructional Coach. As an instructional coach, she works to support teachers in the classroom and to help the implementation and alignment of the English Language Arts curriculum throughout the Young 5's to 6th grades. Ashley is passionate about teaching,  learning new things, and working with teachers and students at all levels. She loves the variety and different challenges that come with her job day to day. Ashley holds a BA in elementary education, an MS in Reading Instruction and an MS in educational technology. She is involved in several county-wide initiatives such as The Study of Early Literacy (SOEL), Changing the Equation INTEL Mathematics, and Justice Leaders. She has also completed a variety of training on using workshop in the classroom at the University of Columbia's Teachers’ College. When Mrs. Kerns is not in the classroom she enjoys spending time and traveling with her three children and husband.
(734) 424-4100 ext 3222
K-12 Instructional Coach Beau Kimmey has been working with Dexter Community School for the past fifteen years.  He holds a B.S. in secondary education with a concentration on earth science, biology, and general science and an M.A. in educational media and technology. His roles at Dexter High School have included classroom instruction, science department chair, and NOSB coach. As Secondary Instructional Coach Beau has been working on developing and aligning science curriculum at the high school and helping develop pathways to maintain continuity in instructions for grades 9-12. He lives in Ann Arbor with his wife, Emily, who is also an educator. When not at work Beau likes to travel, play guitar, and loves the ocean and surfing.
(734)424-4240 ext 7382
K-12 Instructional Coach Jeff Dagg
K-12 Instructional Coach
Jeff Dagg hired into Dexter Community Schools in 1996. He has an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and graduate degrees in Bioengineering and Education. During his years at Dexter High School, Jeff taught Engineering and Technology courses as well as Chemistry, 9th-grade Science, and Integrated Math. In addition to being the School Improvement Chair, he coached successful Build Your Dream Vehicle, Mars Rover, and Science Olympiad teams. In 2010, Jeff moved to the Curriculum Department to work on district initiatives and became active in countywide networks focusing on Adaptive Leadership, Next Generation Science Standards, and Assessment Literacy. Jeff’s instructional coaching interests include Place-based Education, Personalized Learning, and Integrated Unit design.  Outside of school, Jeff enjoys spending time with his family, pursuing outdoor activities, and being creative.
phone: (734) 424-4140, ext 4513, 2215
Math Enrichment Coordinator Kirsten Butler
Math Enrichment Coordinator
Kirsten Butler has taught in Dexter since 1998.  She began her career teaching 8th grade Algebra, PreAlgebra, and a variety of electives.  She also served as the math department chair, yearbook advisor, and 8th grade co-advisor for many years.  In 2011, she began teaching 5th and 6th grade math. In 2016, she began teaching enrichment classes to students who were excelling in math in grades 3-6.
Kirsten is married, has three sons and a daughter-in-law. She enjoys her pets, gardening, home projects, crafts, “playing” on the computer, and hanging out with her family.  She is passionate about mathematics and is excited to work with students to deepen their thinking and understanding of the subject. Her goal for enrichment is not to speed up the pace, but for students to think critically about mathematics through metacognition, discussion, exploration, project-based learning, and writing.
(734) 424-4100 ext. 4505