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Sex Education Advisory Board

The State of Michigan states that every school district that chooses to implement sex education must have a sex education advisory board (SEAB). The role of the SEAB is to establish program goals and objectives for pupil knowledge and skills that are likely to reduce the rates of sex, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases. School districts that offer sex education are required to teach the A-K standards.

SEAB Team Composition and Responsibilities

  • The SEAB must include parents of children attending DCS schools, pupils in the district’s schools, educators, local clergy, and community health professionals.
  • At least half of the members must be parents who have a child attending a school operated by DCS. A majority of those parent members must not be employed by a school district.
  • Attend a majority of SEAB meetings. Meetings are tentatively scheduled to occur between 8:30 am - 11:30 am. The day of the week is to be determined.

SEAB Mission

  • Establishing program goals and objectives for pupil knowledge and skills that are likely to reduce the rates of sex, pregnancy, and STDs.
  • Reviewing and recommending materials and methods, including guest speakers, to the school board, taking into consideration the district’s needs, demographics, and trends including, but not limited to, teenage pregnancy rates, STD rates, and incidents of sexual violence and harassment.
  • Making recommendations to the Board of Education for needed changes, ensuring that Sex Education is age-appropriate, medically accurate, and follows all of the mandates of Michigan Law.
  • Evaluating, measuring, and reporting the attainment of program goals and objectives and making the resulting report available to parents in the district at least once every two years.
  • Working closely with the school administration in the implementation of this program.
  • Reviewing policy and/or state guidelines.
  • Performing other duties as suggested by the Sex Education Supervisor, Board of Education, or the Superintendent of Schools.


MDE Summary of Legal Obligations and Best Practices HIV/STI and Sex Education in Michigan Public Schools

This guidance document is a summary of legal statutes, departmental interpretations, and best practices pertaining to HIV/STI and sex education in Michigan public schools.

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