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Bus Routes

If you have any questions or concerns about your route, please contact the transportation department. 

Department Phone
(734) 424-4190
Department Fax
(734) 424-4290


  • All families must review the Transportation Rules each year.

  • Schedules may need adjustment; buses are likely to run late the first week or two; this is hard for everyone. We appreciate your patience!
A rainbow over the buses at the bus depot
Use the scroll bar at the side of the schedule to scroll down to your stop. For safety reasons, we do not publish drop-off times. The bus driver who picks up will give you an approximate time for drop-off. 

If you have any questions about transportation, please contact transportation: 734-424-4190 or email

Please double check route times in the evening on Monday, Sept. 4th  for any changes and updates. 

Routes that are titled in red or blue text and whose times are shaded are hybrid routes. 

*A 2 tier route is a route with a large neighborhood that buses pick up DHS and Creekside students first, drop them off and then come back to pick up the DEEC, Wylie, and Mill Creek students.