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Summer 2020 Updates

As of October, 2020, we are no longer updating this page, but we are keeping it up for reference. Please visit the  Return to Buildings page for the most current information regarding instructional plans due to COVID-19. 


At the August 31, 2020 Board of Education Meeting, Dr. Timmis shared a slideshow showing what families chose for their students' fall learning, technology updates, current COVID numbers in the district, county, and region, and updated requirements for Return-To-School plans created by the passing of Michigan's Public Act 149 on August 20, 2020. The first requirement is that school boards must adopt specific goals by September 15, necessitating a Special Board Meeting September 14, 2020 for that purpose. (See slides 10, 11, 12 in the slideshow below for the Public Act info).  

Superintendent Letter 8-14-2020

Tech Pick Up Schedule - save the Dates, Times TBD
  • Anchor Elementary - Monday, August 31st - a.m.
  • Beacon Elementary - Monday, August 31st - p.m.
  • Wylie Elementary - Tuesday, September 1st - a.m.
  • Creekside Intermediate School - Tuesday, September 1st, p.m.
  • Mill Creek Middle School - Wednesday, September 2nd, a.m.

Past Updates

Continuity of Learning Plan

Additional Information