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Dexter Community Schools Announces Campaign to Build Solar Panel Walkway and Solar Field

Dexter Community Schools has announced its first ever community-wide fundraising campaign to build a Solar Panel Walkway and Solar Field along the bus hub that will provide sustainable energy to the surrounding schools, offer significant energy cost savings for the schools over time, protect and shade students while they wait for the bus, and provide unique and hands-on place-based educational opportunities for students of all ages.

Dexter Community Schools is partnering with a local foundation, businesses, alumni, and the community to raise the funds necessary to build the solar panel walkway and nearby solar field. 

The solar panel project is student-driven and backed by Dexter Community Schools educators and the Board of Education. Dexter High School Science Teacher & Instructional Coach Beau Kimmey commented: “The installation of a solar array in the bus loop, a project fostered with student input and ideas, exhibits Dexter Community Schools’ dedication to place-based education where student-led initiatives come to life. The installation will serve as an artifact of civic connection between student-led initiatives, the school district, and the greater community working collaboratively to solve real-world problems."

The solar panel walkway and solar field will provide clean energy to the surrounding school buildings while also combating greenhouse gas emissions and reducing energy costs. In addition, especially with an on-site solar installation, these panels reduce dependence on outsourced fossil fuels and promote renewable energy use in the surrounding area while providing direct access to new technologies for Dexter students. The cost savings will benefit students and teachers further, with the savings being funneled directly into classrooms. 

Dexter prides itself on being a leader in education, and this large scale project is the next step in our state and national leadership role in public education. It's also an investment in the future of our students, staff, and community. 

An RFP and the bid process for the solar panel project and building company will be completed by May 24th, 2023. Construction will begin as soon as possible, with the goal to have solar power to the schools by Summer 2024. 

All donations are tax-deductible and will go towards building the solar panel walkway structure and installation of the solar panels. 

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