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Important Transportation Update

Dear Dexter Community Schools Families, Students, and Staff, 

For the past several years, Dexter Community Schools has been struggling to staff all of the bus routes that we have historically provided to our families. Since 2020, Dexter Community Schools has been short eleven of the drivers needed to fill all of our bus routes. As a result, we have been working under a rotation of route shutdowns throughout the district while also working to hire, retain, and recruit additional bus drivers. Despite aggressive efforts to recruit bus drivers, following up on every lead, and using creative strategies to fully staff the department, we have reached the point where we are left with few options to continue offering bus service for every neighborhood and area of the school district.  

In August, the Board of Education discussed the challenge of staffing bus routes for the entire district. At that time, the discussion focused on short-term changes that included having our mechanics and dispatcher drive buses in addition to their normal job duties. It also included the potential weekly rotation of shutdowns that we have been operating under this school year. Throughout this semester, DCS administration has been working on a plan to provide stability for as many families and students as possible. Every day, our buses travel almost 1,100 miles throughout our 84-square mile school district. DCS is one of the few districts that provides bus service for every student in the district. State law allows school districts to utilize a 1.5 mile no-transport zone, which DCS has not considered until this critical time.  

The current system of shutting down rotating routes per week or by day is challenging for our students, our families, and our district. Therefore, on Monday 11/6, the administration presented a proposal to create a no-transport zone within the City of Dexter and a small area near the high school (for high school students only). The Board of Education discussed and provided feedback on the proposal. 

Dexter Community Schools takes great pride in working in collaboration with our families in the best interest of all students. In line with this commitment, Dexter Community Schools is hosting three community forums related to the proposed no-transport zone for busing. These forums will be held both in person and via zoom with times in the evening and during the day to accommodate family work schedules. 

No-Transport Zone forums will be held on:

Families only need to attend one of the forums. 

Communication is being sent, including details of the proposal, to the entire School District via email and on our app and website. In addition, families within the proposed no-transport zone will receive a mailing to their homes inviting them to the in-person or Zoom forums. Supplemental information can be found on our website: No-Transport Zone

Thank you in advance for your understanding and collaboration as we work to address this challenging issue and provide consistency for Dexter families.


Christopher Timmis, EdD


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