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Shining Star Jaime Dudash

Mara Greatorex and Jaime Dudash


Our kudos for Jaime Dudash come from a variety of perspectives: admin, staff, and students. From a staff nice job note: Mr. Dudash brings great passion and energy to everything he does. From teaching students about the Industrial Revolution to refurbishing donated computers on his own time to support students in need, Jaime goes above and beyond. His remarkable ability to engage students in the subject matter, create an inclusive learning environment, and foster critical thinking skills make him a memorable and effective instructor. Jaime's commitment to students' growth, both academically and personally, is evident, and it's clear that he goes above and beyond to make a positive impact. 

From Dr. Timmis: Jaime’s passion for students and our district is unmatched!

Last but not least we have this ringing endorsement from a graduate who struggled to stay the course in HS. “Mr. Dudash made me want to be a better student.” 

  • Shining Star