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Superintendent Update 4-3-2024

Dear Dexter Families–

As you have probably heard, there will be a solar eclipse occurring on Monday, April 8th starting at ~1:57pm and ending at ~4:26pm, with the fullest stage happening at (98.3% coverage) ~3:13pm. 

With hearty thanks to Menards, Dexter Community Schools will be providing AAS-approved viewing glasses to all students and staff. All teachers will be providing their students with basic information about eclipses and safe viewing. 

  • Some teachers may choose to take their classes outside for a group lesson during any point of the eclipse. Those who choose to do so will send home permission slips for each child to participate (or not). Students who will not be participating will join another class that is staying inside during the outdoor lesson. 
  • Students and staff who are indoors but want to look at the eclipse will be instructed to wear their glasses while doing so as a window does not provide any protection. 
Dos and Don'ts for the Solar Eclipse

We will provide all staff with links to broadcast the eclipse on screens in their classroom.

We will follow our regular schedule for dismissal and will have additional staff on hand to remind students walking to buses, etc. to step out of the walking traffic flow and put on their glasses if they decide to look at the eclipse. Staff on each bus will instruct kids to wear their glasses if they are looking at the sun. 


This eclipse is a rare opportunity for a compelling and very concrete science lesson. We understand that the weather may make all of this planning obsolete, but we wanted to let you know how we are preparing. 


Christopher Timmis, EdD


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