Champion Learning: Develop, Educate, and INSPIRE!

Shining Stars

Shining Stars header

Dexter Community Schools has a tradition of collecting Nice Job notes – handwritten or electronic notes telling a member of the team that their good work has been noticed and appreciated. These are read by the Superintendent, forwarded to the person being complimented, and the number of notes is tallied for the Board of Education each month. Some Nice Job Notes are really nice, and represent exceptional work. We share these at Board meetings. 

For centuries, ships navigated using the stars in the night sky to chart their path across the seas. The Dexter Community Schools District also relies on shining stars to guide our work and map our progress. We will be recognizing DCS team members who go above and beyond their normal duties and set a stellar example for others. Honorees will be selected from Nice Job Note submissions and other communications, based on the ways they exemplify our district mission: Champion Learning: Develop, Educate, and Inspire!