No-Transport Zone

Dexter Community Schools continues to feel the national shortage of bus drivers.  Last year,  \DCS  prepared a series of contingency plans to provide consistency of bus service for our families. These plans included rolling route outages. Most of the staffing issues that arose were handled internally and were created so as not to disrupt service to any students. This worked for the majority of last year and there were only two weeks we had to shut down a bus route. This year the situation is worse and we have already had days where we had to cancel selected routes entirely. This is inconvenient and stressful for students, families and staff. With at least two drivers scheduled to leave over winter break, the administration has proposed that the Board of Education adopt a No-Transport Zone around the DCS central campus. 

The District has scheduled three informational meetings at which affected families can learn more about the proposal, ask questions, and express concerns. 

Please review the information below to fully understand the proposal so you can ask informed questions at the meetings. 

Supplemental Information