Dexter Early Middle College

Dexter Early Middle College

Founded in 2020, Dexter Early Middle College (DEMC) is a five-year program that allows a student to earn a high school diploma and either an associate's degree, up to sixty transferable college credits at the same time, or a completed WCC Certificate Program ( DEMC’s post-secondary partner is Washtenaw Community College


Managing college courses while still in high school requires dedication. However, this level of responsibility brings advantages that will help shape character and better prepare students for the real world. With college courses, high school students can:

  • Develop a strong work ethic;
  • Form time management skills;
  • Improve writing skills;
  • Advance critical thinking.

The knowledge students gain through early college courses also helps them improve in their other classes.

There is no cost to students or their families for attending Dexter Early Middle College. Tuition, fees, and most textbook costs are paid for by Dexter Early Middle College.


DEMC is an invitation-only program. Eligible students are identified by teachers, counselors, and administrators.

Students can apply to become a DEMC student prior to 11th grade. Once students are accepted into the program they will begin to meet with their dedicated DEMC counselor and mentors. DEMC courses can begin as early as the first semester of a student’s 11th grade year. 


Students can participate in athletics through their senior year of high school based on the requirements of the Dexter Community School district and the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA). They must also meet DHS eligibility standards.


DEMC students may participate in DHS-sponsored clubs and attend all DHS events including homecoming dances and prom through their senior year of high school. 


DEMC students who are on track will participate in their class graduation ceremony as they would traditionally, however, students will not receive their official diploma until they complete their 5th year with either an associate's degree, up to sixty transferable college credits, or a completed WCC Certificate Program (  


How will students navigate high school and college courses at the same time?

The Early Middle College program will provide additional support to ensure high school students thrive in their classes. This includes tutoring, counseling and guidance from a district coach and DEMC teachers who want students to succeed in both their high school and college coursework. DEMC emphasizes skill development, not credit completion.

Is transportation provided for students to access Washtenaw Community College?

Yes, if DEMC students need transportation it will be provided to them by Dexter Community Schools to attend assigned courses at WCC.

Will lunch be served to DEMC students?

Yes, if students order school lunch they will be provided a lunch to take to WCC when they have classes on campus or at alternate DEMC classroom locations.  


For further information, please contact:
  • Dexter Community Schools  734-424-4100
  • Bates School, 2704 Baker Rd.
    Dexter, MI 48130 
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