Make your high school experience a success--volunteer! Join clubs and teams! Be involved! Make your high school experience fun and rewarding. There are countless opportunities to be involved as a volunteer over the years you are here in Dexter. Join a club that helps out at soup kitchens, or volunteer at a food drive or blood drive. Giving back to the community is very rewarding. Colleges like to see such service and dedication.

The following clubs and activities are available at Dexter High School. To learn more about the clubs offered at DHS, visit Club and Activity Day in September or see the club adviser.

Anime Club

Anime Club – Students who are interested meet weekly to watch a variety of anime and may meet outside of school for other activities related to Japanese culture.
Adviser: Mrs. Chea

Art Club

Art Club – Art Club is designed for students who want to develop their portfolio outside of classroom assignments. Students are welcome to use the art studio and materials during all three lunches. Each winter, Art Club members visit The Detroit Institute of Art for an all day guided tour.
Adviser: Mrs. Campbell

Book Club: Dready to read

All students are welcome to join and participate in the book club, Dready to Read. We meet on a monthly basis beginning in October and ending in May on the first Thursday of every month. Students bring in different book options, give a short synopsis of the book and then everyone takes a vote on which book to read for the next month. After reading the book, the students discuss and analyze the book, along with answering questions posed by other students.

Boys' State

Boys’ State - Boys’ State Educates young men on how politics and city, county, and state government function by setting up their own state government. This also broadens the understanding of our government and setting up how it works. This program also provides the opportunity to learn the importance of the role as a citizen and participate in a program that is widely recognized by colleges and universities. It is held every June at Michigan State University. See your counselor for more information.

Comic Book Club

This club is for comic book enthusiasts. The club meets every Monday from 3:00-4:00 in Room 511. 
Student President: Zach Turner
Faculty Advisor: Lisa Travis


Debate – This is an interscholastic team where students can earn a varsity letter. The Debate team participates in Policy Debate. This team is open to ALL students including those who take the elective English classes as well as those who do not. Travel to league and invitational tournaments is an integral part of the activity. Debate begins in September and ends in May.
Adviser: Mrs. Marsh


Drama – The Drama Club sponsors a variety of activities throughout the year. The feature productions of the Drama club include a Straight Play Production, Winter Musical, and Middle School/High School Collaboration Musical. All productions provide opportunities to not only perform, but work backstage as a part of the technical crew. The Winter Musical will additionally feature a student Pit Orchestra. The Middle School/High School Musical will include cast and crew members from both the High School and Mill Creek Middle School. Other highlights from the year include the Dexter Drama Directing “3D” Series, Annual New York City Trip, and Talent Show.
Advisor: Ms. Palmer


Forensics – is an interpretation and public speaking team where students compete interscholastically in a variety of events. Students who did middle school forensics are welcome, and so are students who take the class for elective English credit, as well as students who do not. Travel to league and invitational tournaments is an integral part of the activity. Forensics begins in January and ends in May.
Adviser: Mrs. Marsh

Future Leaders of America

Future Leaders of America – The Future Leaders of America Club helps the community through fundraising and promotes good citizenship. FLA works very closely with Students Against Destructive Driving to promote safe driving skills. Be a future leader, TODAY!
Adviser: Mrs. Burgess

Gay Straight Alliance

Gay Straight Alliance – The Dexter High School Gay Straight Alliance mission is to promote acceptance for full sexual spectrum students, eliminate bullying due to sexual orientation and gender identification, and create a safe environment for students to share their experiences.
Advisers: Mrs. Baese and Mrs. Campbell

Girls' State

Girl’s State – Educates young women of the duties, privileges, rights, and responsibilities of American citizenship. It also broadens the understanding of our government and how it works. This program also provides the opportunity to learn the importance of the role as a citizen and participate in a program that is widely recognized by colleges and universities. It is held every June at Michigan State University. See your counselor for more information.

Improv Club

Improv Club -The Drama Club has also started an improvisation club, Off-Cue, that meet regularly to teach and practice performance skills without a script. Students engage in numerous ice-breaker activities, energy-building and team-bonding games, as well as develop short form scene performances. The Improv Club also hosts guest artist workshops and schedules other opportunities to perform throughout the year. Anyone can join and all are welcome!
Adviser: Ms. Palmer

Interact Club

Interact Club – DHS established an Interact club in 2008-2009. Interact is a service club for young people ages 14-18. Sponsored by local Rotary clubs, Interact clubs give young people an opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful service projects while developing leadership skills and meeting new friends. Interact is an international organization that fosters leadership and responsible citizenship and promotes international understanding and peace. The intent at DHS is that the students come up with ideas, plan two events, and run the bi-monthly meetings, and the advisors support them, rather than be in charge of the proceedings. Currently, the club meets before school, twice a month.
Adviser: Dr. Livingstone

Key Club

Key Club - A sister-club of the Chelsea Kiwanis Club. Key Club blends service with great leadership training. The projects and activities encourage students to become involved in their school and community.
Adviser: Ms. Raus

Leo's Club

Leo’s Club – To provide the students at Dexter High School an opportunity for development and contribution, individually and collectively, as responsible members of the community.
Adviser: Mr. Snider

National Honor Society

National Honor Society – Seniors provide service and leadership for their school and the community throughout the year. Second semester juniors are eligible for selection if they maintain an overall 3.45 GPA and are recommended and elected by the faculty based on the 4 standards of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Induction ceremony scheduled for April.
Adviser: Ms. Melinsky


Newspaper – This is a class open to students who have taken Introduction to Journalism, Photojournalism, and Design. Newspaper staff members write, edit, design, take pictures, and make all decisions for The Squall, which is published once per month during the school year. This class requires after-school and weekend work.
Adviser: Mr. MacKinder

Ocean Bowl

Ocean Bowl – The team participates at U of M in February for the National Science Oceans Bowl Competition. Club practice September-February.
Advisers: Mrs. Wells and Mr. Kimmey

ONE Club

One Club is a grassroots movement committed to the fight against extreme poverty. We contact Congressmen and officials, write to African pen pals, and organize events like Airplane Day, World Aids Day, and One Day Without Shoes.

Pep Band Club

Pep Band Club – A musical support group for our winter athletic teams. We do eight to ten events, including both boys and girls basketball and hockey. Open to students who play band instruments.
Director: Mr. Moore

Quiz Bowl

Five person teams compete from different school on trivia ranging in all topics. It is an SEC Competitive team.


Robotics - The Dreadbots Robotics Club participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition Program.  As part of the program, students build a 100+ pound robot to compete with schools locally, throughout Michigan, and throughout the nation/world.  Dreadbot students learn in-depth concepts associated with science, engineering, technology, programming and mathematics. The students also learn business, marketing, leadership, project management, team work and perform community service. The team's website is Send the team an email at
Adviser: Mr. Kimmey

Science Bowl/Science Olympiad

Science Bowl/Science Olympiad – Science Bowl is sponsored by the Department of Energy. Students study energy, math, earth science, chemistry, physics and biology. Team competes at SVSU in late Feb. The Science Olympiad team prepares December –March and compete in 23 areas of applied and informational science at a local college in March.
Advisers: Mrs. Jones and Mr.Kimmey


SNAP – Students Need Accepting Peers: SNAP is a peer mentoring program to help our students with special needs become more socially adept. You may be a peer mentor in your general education classroom, during lunch, in the special education classroom, or for social events.
Adviser: Ms. Cunningham


S.P.A.C.E – Student Produced Artistic Collaborative Events is a group of students who encourage and enhance the arts in our school. We organize Battles of the Bands, among other artistic and musical endeavors and experiences for students. Meetings are determined by group consensus.
Adviser: Mr. Mergler


Starboard is the DHS Literary On-Line Magazine. Our editorial board designs, edits and writes for our online magazine. We offer monthly contests for students to win prizes for their poetry and prose and encourage creative writing. We meet before school once a week at 7:15 AM and have some lunch meetings. The club runs from late September through May.
Adviser: Mrs. Marsh

Student Council

Student Council – Is the group of students that organize the Home Coming floats and parade, Coming Home pep assembly, Pennies for Pateints, and the amazing Senior Survivor Charity Lock In. Student Council meets once each week at 7:15 AM.
Adviser: Mr. Snider

Swing Club

Swing Club – Swing club is a place for all types of people to come, talk, dance, and have fun. All members of Swing are nice welcoming people, and we won’t deter anyone who comes to join. We aren’t just a club: we’re a family (we know that sounds cheesy, but we are). We make sure everyone is safe and having a good time. Well that’s us: will you come swing with us?
Adviser: Mrs. Doss

Tutoring Services

Tutoring is offered by the National Honor Society in the media center every Tuesday and
Thursday after school until 4:30 p.m. You do not need to make an appointment. Just show up! The cost is free.

Video Game Club

Video Game Club – Is a group of students that get together and play video games. The club meets after school on Tuesdays until 4pm.
Adviser: Mr. Fisher

Web Chicks

Web Chicks – The Web Chicks are a peer mentor group led by Washtenaw Area Council for Children. The group focuses on a variety of Internet Safety issues including Cyber bullying, Social Networking, Online Predators, Sexting, and Privacy. The group meets once a week during lunch and has discussions about the above topics. At the end of the training, the students will be prepared to mentor and educate their peers, parents, and others in the community on Internet Safety. This group teaches leadership and presentation skills, and can be used as a reference for future job searching or college application.
Adviser: Mr. Koenig

Women in Science and Technology

Women In Science and Technology – Members meet each Friday morning at 7:15 am to plan and facilitate demonstrations for elementary classes, create opportunities for students to investigate science career pathway, and organize information forums for DHS.
Adviser: Mrs. Jones

World Cultures

World Cultures – The World Cultures Club is open to ALL students. It promotes not only the cultures of French, German, and Spanish speaking countries, but also those of other parts of the world. The club sponsors an annual Oktoberfest and celebrates holidays such as Mexico’s Day of the Dead and Mardi Gras. Club members sample variouscuisines, watch foreign films, learn about various art forms, etc. They also have the opportunity to attend performances by international troupes at the University of Michigan Power Center at discounted rates.
Adviser: Madame Lund


Yearbook class is open to students who have taken and earned at least a “B” in either Introduction to Journalism or Photojournalism or receive newspaper or yearbook adviser approval. Taking yearbook provides the further study of and practice in gathering and analyzing both written and visual information, interviewing and note taking for the purpose of writing, editing and publishing for print in the school’s yearbook, Unsinkable. This class requires dedication to meeting all publishing deadlines, which may include after school and weekend work. Yearbook staff members plan, publish, market and distribute the school’s yearbook, which is distributed in May if staff meets all publishing deadlines. Funds from ad sales pay for the publishing of the book. Semester two members are responsible for distributing the current year’s book as well as designing and planning for the following year’s book.
Adviser: Mr. Mergler

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