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Find us at Bates School, 2704 Baker Rd. Dexter MI 48130, effective 2/17/2020. 

Each year, the Board of Education determines the available number of schools of choice spots based on enrollment projections.  At its January 13th, 2020 meeting, the Board of Education voted to offer the following schools of choice openings for the 2020-21 school year:

  • 30 slots for DHS IB Diploma Programme (10 in 9th grade, 10 in 10th grade, and 10 in 11th grade); 
  • a minimum of 1 student in each grade level from Young 5/Kindergarten through 8th grade; 
  • at least one slot for the Virtual School;
  • at least one slot for the Early Middle College.

The first application window for Fall 2020 was February 26th through March 10th. Any remaining spots will be filled during the second application window, which will be July 20th - July 31st. We can only accept applications during the scheduled windows.  

The second window application form will be posted here in July. If your student is entering first grade or higher, we will also need a copy of their 2019-20 report card along with the application, or a transcript for grades 10 and up. 


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Schools of Choice Program Description

The Dexter Community Schools district is a limited schools of choice district. This means that we have two, two-week application windows  during which families can apply to attend as school of choice students for the following fall. Each year, we look at our current enrollment and estimate the number of students we can accept for schools of choice slots. We publish the openings when we open the application window. Applicants will be notified of their status within five business days of the window closing. 


Students are required to live in the Washtenaw ISD school district or a school district within a different ISD or ESA that borders on the Washtenaw Intermediate School District. No transportation is provided for schools of choice students. 

Guidelines for High School Students Only:

Our schools of choice program requires high school students to participate in the IB Diploma Programme. To be eligible for the IB program, students must be in good standing and on target to graduate with their class. They must intend to become International Baccalaureate Programme students in the appropriate year as stated above and live in a Washtenaw ISD school district or a school district within a different ISD that borders on the Washtenaw Intermediate School District. 

Students who enroll in this schools of choice option will be required to enroll in and successfully complete courses in their International Baccalaureate and pre-International Baccalaureate course schedule, making progress toward the requirements of the Diploma Programme.

How to Apply

Applications are only accepted during the application window. During the application window, submit the application to any of our school offices to any of our school offices in person, via fax to 734-424-4112, or via email

Frequently Asked Questions

When will we know the status of our application? Typically within five business days of the window closing.  

If my family moves out of Dexter mid-year, do we have to do schools of choice to finish the current school year? No. Students who move are permitted to finish the school year in their current setting. They will have to apply for SOC status to continue in Dexter the following fall. Please note: the District does not provide transportation for students who do not live in Dexter, 

Do I have to apply for my current SOC student's siblings to attend or are they automatically granted a spot? You must apply separately for each student. Eligible siblings of currently enrolled students receive priority for SOC openings. In the event that we receive more applications than we have space for, we conduct a lottery of all eligible students and keep a waiting list in case some accepted students decline enrollment. 

The application forms asks for a transcript but my child is entering kindergarten and doesn't have one. Students entering kindergarten or young 5 do not need to provide a transcript. 

Do students currently attending Dexter who apply for schools of choice have to provide a transcript? No. 

Does my elementary-aged student have to be an IB candidate to qualify for schools of choice slots? No, only high school applicants.

I know the young 5 program has limited space, does getting a SOC spot guarantee a young 5 spot? No. All SOC spots depend upon the available space in each grade. Current Dexter residents get first priority for all available young 5 spots. Schools of choice young 5 applicants must wait til the second day of kindergarten roundup to apply. 

We may be moving in the summer and are not sure if we can find housing in Dexter, but would like to stay in the district. How should we proceed? Please contact our office for guidance regarding your specific situation.

Will we have to reapply each subsequent year? No, once a child is accepted as a schools of choice student in Dexter, he/she may complete their education within the district as long as he or she lives at a SOC-eligible address and remains a student in good standing. Siblings of choice students who wish to enroll in subsequent years must apply at the time they want to enroll. 

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