Our communications team handles media inquiries, press releases, information distribution, and other tasks that involve sharing important information with district families and the community. This page is designed to help staff, coaches, and booster groups publicize their events and efforts. Please see the categories below for help with specific concerns. 

Email lists: School, Class, Program, and District

District and Whole Building Messages

The district uses Blackboard Connect to send messages to all currently enrolled families and staff. This is also the service that makes automated phone calls and texts to families. Recipients can opt out of the majority of messages if desired; emergency messages override this setting. 

If you are not receiving school messages, please try these three things:

  • Check with your building secretary to ensure your contact information in PowerSchool is accurate; in the summer, send a note to the main office and we'll look into it.  
  • If your info is accurate in PowerSchool, contact your school secretary (or the district main office in the summer) to see if you accidentally unsubscribed from Blackboard and we can put you back on it. We will need to know your full name, your student name, and your primary email in order to look you up.
  • Add our send-from info to your email address book:  Sender name: DEXTER CMTY SCHOOL DISTRICT  Email address:

Weekly Events List

During the school year, the district sends a summary of in-district school events to all enrolled families weekly. This list is compiled using school calendars and the facility calendar. Events that are on either of these calendars do not need to be submitted. If you have other school-sponsored events (including school group fundraisers) that you would like considered for inclusion, please send the following information to Hope Vestergaard:

  • Event Title
  • Location
  • Date and time
  • Sponsoring group

Events lists cover Monday through Sunday each week during the school year and are published Friday evenings.  

Events must be submitted no later than close of business Tuesday of the week prior to the event.

Please note that inclusion of fundraisers for school-sponsored groups is on a space-available basis only. Community groups (including clubs that may be the umbrella organization for a self-funded sport) that wish to share their events should use our Community Mailings option.

Advertising for Businesses

Per Board Policy (9700.01), Dexter Community Schools do not distribute literature or post materials for for-profit enterprises.  

Local non-profit groups should review our Community Mailings information to promote local non-profit events of interest to families. 

Community Mailings

Twice a month, as a service to district families, the district sends an email including flyers from local non-profit organizations. This email goes to all currently enrolled families.


  • Information must be from local non-profit community groups. Information from a private business or a private individual will not be distributed.
  • Contact information must be contained in each announcement.
  • The following statement will need to appear on all materials that will be distributed or displayed: "The Board of Education recognizes that there are times when non-profit community organizations offer programs or services that might benefit Dexter students and/or their families. The Board further recognizes that when it opens the forum for distribution/display of materials from outside groups, Federal law guarantees all non-profit groups be given the same rights. The attached information is brought to you as a service of Dexter Community Schools. This service does not imply endorsement of its contents by the administration of the school, the Superintendent or the Board."
  • The "local" designation refers to organized non-profit Dexter-based youth groups with at least 90% Dexter students, confined to children under the age of 19 and whose membership is open in regards to race, color, or creed.
  • "Non-profit" refers to official tax status.


  • Informational flyers will be compiled by the communications coordinator for distribution on or about the 15th and 30th days of each month. To ensure inclusion, groups must submit their materials for approval by the 10th and the 25th days of each month.
  • The district will distribute the compiled information through electronic means to parents.
  • Paper (Hard Copy) Distribution/Display Procedures: Effective Effective September, 2014, we no longer distribute or post hard copies of community flyers.

Submitting Events for Distribution

  • Flyers should be "print ready" -- formatted to be legible, complete, and attractive.
  • The event itself should be the primary focus of the flyer. 
  • Acceptable formats: PDF files, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher, JPG
  • The board disclaimer (see above) must be on every flyer.
  • File size should not exceed 1 MB
  • Email flyers to Hope Vestergaard no later than the 10th or 25th days of the month for the mailings on the 15th and last day of each month.

If you have any questions after reading this page, feel free to contact our office for clarification. 734-424-4100 ext. 4102

Subscribing to Calendar and News Alerts

Stay in the loop! 

One of the helpful features of our new website design is the ability to subscribe to News updates and Calendar alerts. To do so, click on the alerts  button at the top of any Calendar or News page. The first time you do this, you will be prompted to create an account. The pop-up window will walk you through the steps. To change your subscription preferences at any time, click on the alerts button and a pop-up window will prompt you to log in and manage your subscriptions. 

If you don't want to receive updates for every event on a calendar, but would like to follow single events, click on the alert button next to the calendar item. You will be notified of the event itself in the window you choose (say, 18 hours before an event) and you will also be notified of any event edits or additions. 

Press Releases

We love to highlight Dexter student accomplishments!

If your school program, athletic team, or school-sponsored group has an event or accomplishment of interest to local media, we would be happy to consider putting out an official district press release. Please review the guidelines for submitting this material to us:

  • Some groups submit written press releases, others share the details with us and we write them. We reserve the right to edit submissions for clarity and brevity.
  • All press releases must include contact information for the person who knows the most about the event.
  • In no case should the district's letterhead or logo be used on a press release that does not originate from a school office, or which has not been submitted to the communications office for review.
  • Use this form to quickly submit news items for press release consideration: DCS News Item

Photo Considerations

When we send out event/achievement press releases, our media contacts often inquire if there are photos available to include. For efficiency's sake, you can save time by submitting good quality photos with your press release. Please note:

  • Photos should be good quality: in focus with good exposure and interesting content.
  • Please submit names of those pictured in this format: [photo name} Left to Right: Name, Name, Name. Include titles of group leaders if appropriate.
  • By submitting photos with a press release, you are assuring the district that you have obtained parental permission of any minors pictured.
  • Please indicate the name of the photographer. If the photographer does not wish to be identified, indicate that by saying, "Photo courtesy of [Group Name]."

Creekside Electronic Sign

The district's electronic sign in front of Creekside school is reserved to highlight and/or publicize school events and student achievements. Content is generally drawn from the weekly district events list. If you are a member of a school program that has an event you want to be considered for display on the electronic sign, please contact Hope Vestergaard at least one week prior to the event date. 

Please note that inclusion of events depends on space and the number of people affected. For example, music night for three classes might not be included, but a whole-grade or whole building event would.

Facebook and Twitter

Dread Strong

Dread Strong is an unofficial DCS bulletin board to share news of interest to current families and alumni. To submit items for posting on the Dread Strong Facebook page, please send them to Dread Strong via private Facebook message or post them directly on the page. The page managers will contact you if they need further info. Keep in mind that this is not a forum that is monitored for questions.

School Facebook Pages

Several of our buildings have parent group Facebook pages. These are managed by parent group representatives, so if you have any questions about them, please contact that page's manager or your building's parent-teacher organization representatives.

Page Names
Search for the each building's page name to find them on Facebook:

  • Bates: "Bates Elementary - Team Bates"
  • Cornerstone: "Cornerstone Parent Teacher Group"
  • Wylie: "Wylie Parents"
  • Creekside: "Creekside Parents"
  • Mill Creek: "Mill Creek Parents"
  • DHS: "Dexter High School Parents"


Several building principals have Twitter feeds. These are listed on each building's home page.

Media Images Opt-Out/Opt-In

DCS Staff often photograph or film students during school activities for educational purposes. DCS may use these photographs or film in materials used in educational presentations or promotional materials for the district. Parents may opt out of (or permit) some or all of these uses at student registration when they complete the Student Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Agreement. At other times of the year, parents may amend their preferences by completing the Media Images Opt-In, Opt-Out Form and returning it to each child's school office. 

District Logos

The district logos and official fonts are available for official use by printers by contacting our office.

In no case should the district logos be modified from their original design. Please review and adhere to the logo style guide created by the designer.

Dexter school sponsored clubs and teams should submit t-shirt and poster designs using the logo for approval to the Communications Office prior to printing.

FOIA Requests

For Freedom of Information Act requests, please mail or email your request to the DCS FOIA Coordinator

Dexter Community Schools
FOIA Coordinator
7714 Ann Arbor St.
Dexter, MI 48130

734-424-4100 ext 1002

We will confirm receipt of your request and notify you when to expect requested materials. 

You may review the DCS FOIA Guidelines and Procedures, including fees, here

Please review the District's policies regarding public information on our Bylaws and Policies page, specifically section 8000 - Operations, item number 8310: Public Records.

Students Cheering in the Stands at DHS Football Game


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