Transportation Guidelines

Wondering how the district makes decisions about busing? Bus routes and busing policies are planned to achieve maximum safety with maximum economy, within the limitations of rules and regulations governing transportation. The following policies guide Transportation decision-making.

Route and Schedule Planning

  • Bus routes will not be extended nor stops scheduled unless an eligible pupil (grades K-12) would otherwise be required to walk in excess of ½ mile. Exceptions to this guideline are cul-de-sacs, non-through streets, subdivisions and private property. (This provision shall be used to reduce excessive time and miles traveled whenever possible and practical.)
  • Routes are planned to keep individual riding distance and time to a practical minimum. One hour and 15 minutes should be considered as the maximum riding time for a pupil going to or from school. (The above time limitations are goals and will be implemented to the extent possible.)
  • In establishing bus schedules, the objective is to arrange for buses to arrive at school no later than seven to ten minutes before the scheduled beginning of classes. When taking students home, buses pick students up at multiple schools. Departure from the Bus Loop may be as much as 25 minutes later than the scheduled dismissal time of the campus schools.
  • Bus routes are planned with a maximum of four (4) stops per mile on major roadways. This provision will only be altered in extreme safety situations.
  • All pertinent rules and regulations of the State of Michigan and its agencies are followed in planning routes, determining stops, etc.

Transportation Procedures

Michigan laws have a significant impact on our operating procedures. These regulations include distance requirements that are intended to assure that buses operate in a safe manner and can be easily seen by approaching motorists. The two fundamental criteria used in determining bus routes and stops are safety and efficiency of scheduling.

Safety of Routes/Stops

  • State laws related to school bus transportation must be met.
  • Students are not scheduled to cross main roads to reach their bus stop.
  • Consistent pick-up and drop-off locations are required. There may be a different pick-up location than drop-off, but each must be the same every day.
  • Bus stops will be permanent whenever practical, allowing the public to become familiar with stop locations.
  • A designated person must meet K-2 students at their stop. A group bus stop serves more than one family. There must be at least one designated person present or visible at the stop.

Efficiency of routes

  • Roads must be at least 22 feet wide.
  • Roads must provide a location for change of bus direction with no backing.
  • Roads must have adequate shoulders to allow the bus to pull off the roadway.
  • Roads must be kept clear of snow, sleet, ice, vehicles and other obstructions that would prevent safe travel of school buses.

Subdivisions, Densely Populated Areas, and Private Property

Bus Stops in Subdivisions and Densely Populated Areas

Dexter Community School buses will not go into all subdivisions for student loading and unloading. If all requests for additional bus stops in subdivisions were granted, it would have an enormous impact on the bus schedule and a child’s time on the bus. Therefore, additional stops are normally not provided even though the bus drives past your home.

Cul-de-sacs, Non-through Streets and Private Property

Generally buses will not enter cul-de-sacs, non-through streets and private property. Exceptions may be made if the bus needs to change direction and the street offers a safer means to turn around. Private roadways must be maintained year round and be of adequate width and construction.

Parental Responsibility

  • Parents/guardians are responsible to make sure their children get to and from the designated stop safely.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for selecting their children’s walking routes to and from bus stops, schools and home.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for providing supervision that is appropriate to the student’s age, maturity, and conditions that exist on the walk route.
  • Parents/guardians must know their children’s bus number and stop location.
  • Parents/guardians must know the bus rules and review them with their children.
  • Parents/guardians should direct walk route safety concerns to the association or law enforcement agency responsible for the specific location/area

At the Bus Stop

Students need to be at the bus stop at least five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time. Buses cannot wait for late students and will not return to pick them up when they have missed the bus.

For the safety of all concerned, students are asked to stay a minimum of 10 feet away from the designated pickup stop while waiting for the school bus.

Vehicles are required to stop a minimum of 20 feet away from the bus..

When Bus Changes Are Needed

Bus transportation is primarily designed for the transport of students from home to school and school to home. Stops must be the same location every morning and the same location every afternoon. If permanent changes are needed (a different day care for example) parents must submit a request to the Transportation Department. The request will be reviewed and notification will be made if a change can be accommodated. This process can take up to two weeks to complete. There must be a compelling reason for any change.

Students are not allowed to ride a bus other than their assigned bus. Assigned students have priority for transportation. If a child needs to go to a friend’s house, parents must make alternate transportation arrangements.

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