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Mill Creek Grading System

Each classroom will have the same grading system to provide consistency for all students. Each grade book will have two categories assigned that factor into the academic grade. The two categories are described below under "Assessments":



Unit and Course/Grade Level Understanding and Performance --  a.k.a. “the bigger stuff”

  • Major Assessments of Learning: 100% OF FINAL GRADE
  • Unit (chapter) assessments 
  • Unit or major performance tasks – mainly products, performances, and projects (e.g., essays; artwork; visual representations; models; multimedia; oral presentations; lab experiences; live or recorded performances) or other forms of authentic assessments to demonstrate mastery. 
  • District (Course/Grade Level Assessments) 


Lesson Practice and Activities -- a.k.a. “the smaller stuff”

  • Assessment for Learning: Used to Guide Instruction
  • Independent practice on daily work (daily assignments and classroom work) 
  • Brief progress checks (e.g., small quizzes over one or more lessons; reviews or warm-ups)

Grading Scale

Grading Scale

For each assessment that is recorded in the grade book, students will be given a score between zero and 100. Mill Creek's grading system uses 100% summative assessments.  Formative checks throughout a unit will be used to guide instruction and help identify areas students have mastered and need additional support on. . Students will be evaluated on their achievement relative to proficiency/mastery in a certain standard.


Standards Grading Scale

The following is the grading scale:

100-92.5 = A

92.4-89.5 = A-

89.4-86.5 = B+

86.4-82.5 = B

82.4-79.5 = B-

79.4-76.5 = C+

76.4-72.5 = C

72.4-69.5 = C-

69.4-67.5 = D+

67.4-62.5 = D

62.5-59.5 = D-


Work Habit Performance

Work Habit Performance

Students will be assessed in their daily work habits and will receive an assessment based on turning work on time, use of classroom work time, and other work habits within the classroom: Students who receive two or more N's in Work Habits will be required to attend Academy.   E - Exemplifies Standards  M- Meets Standards . - P - Progressing towards Standards .  N- Not Meeting Standards.

Citizenship Performance

Citizenship Performance

Students will be assessed in citizenship and the ability to demonstrate traits such as, (courtesy, teamwork, respect, appreciation, responsibility, honesty, cooperation,... and so on): E - Exemplifies Standards M - Meets Standards P - Progressing towards Standards N - Not Meeting Standards * After School Privileges: Any student who receives two “N’s” in Citizenship, every four weeks is not allowed to attend after school activities such as dances and other earned privileged events during the four week period.   



Academy is for students who are not meeting expectations:

  • Any student who has two or more failing classes (D’s or E’s) every four weeks is required to attend the Academy.  
  • Any student who receives two “N's" in Work Habit Performance, every four weeks is required to attend the Academy.  

Academy runs Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:20-4:20 p.m. A certified general education teacher, and/or special education teacher will supervise and support the Academy.


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