Mill Creek Code of Conduct

Please click the following link to download a copy of the Code of Conduct, or view the items below for specific types of infractions and their consequences.

Mill Creek Code of Conduct

Level 1 Infractions and Consequences

Level 1 Infractions

  • Out of Assigned Area
  • Disrupting Class
  • Disrupting building environment
  • Careless play/”rough-housing”
  • Profanity/insulting remark/inappropriate language or gestures
  • Public display of affection
  • Minor lunchtime misbehavior
  • Teasing
  • Throwing objects
  • Possession of laser pen
  • Dress code violation
  • Defying authority/insubordination/resistance, neglecting to follow directive

Level 1 Consequences

1st offenseSPC Referral
2nd offenseSPC Referral
3rd offenseDetention
4th offenseIn-School Suspension
5th offense1-day Suspension
6th offense2-day Suspension
7th offense3-day Suspension

Level 2 Infractions and Consequences

Level 2 Infractions

  • Profanity towards staff
  • Negative statements about race, gender, religion, ethnic origin, disability, or sexual orientation
  • Leaving building without authorization
  • Skipping detention
  • Abuse of technology
  • Bullying/harassment Throwing Snowballs

Level 2 Consequences

1st offenseDetention
2nd offenseIn-School Suspension
3rd offense1-day Suspension
4th offense2-day Suspension
5th offense3-day Suspension

Level 3 Infractions/Consequences

Level 3 Infractions

  • Lying in disciplinary conference
  • Misrepresentation/Forgery/Plagiarism
  • Verbal Assault/Threat Fighting
  • Destroying property/vandalism
  • Theft/illegal entry/concealment
  • Possession of fireworks/incendiary device
  • Use of fireworks/incendiary devices
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Major Lunch Time misbehavior

Level 3 Consequences

1st offense1-day Suspension
2nd offense3-day Suspension
3rd offense3-day Suspension
4th offense5-day Suspension
5th offenseLong-term Suspension (up to 5 days)

Level 4 Infractions and Consequences

Level 4 Infractions

  • Use or possession of illegal drugs or look-alike substance
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Possession of tobacco/alcohol or look-alike substance
  • Possession of weapon or look-alike (including toys)

Level 4 Consequences

See DCS Substance Abuse Policy*
See DCS Sexual Harassment Policy*
See DCS Tobacco Policy*

*DCS Parent-Student Handbook

Minor Lunchtime Infractions

Minor Lunchtime Infractions

  • Not cleaning up after self
  • Throwing dishrags or food
  • Running
  • Leaving Cafeteria
  • Not following lunchroom dismissal guidelines

Lunchtime Consequences

1st offenseWarning
2nd offense1-day Lunch Detention
3rd offense2-day Lunch Detention
4th offense3-Day Lunch Detention
5th offenseDetention after school
6th offenseIn-School Suspension

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