Transportation Rules

Bus transportation is an important function of the Dexter Community School District.  Bus transportation is not mandated by law, but provided as a service to the students of the District. In order for transportation to work, we must have the cooperation of parents, students, drivers and administration of the District.

We believe the information contained in the following policies will help everyone understand the complexity and importance of pupil transportation. The Michigan Department of Education, the Legislature, and the Michigan State Police also develop rules and regulations that govern the activities of the Transportation Department. Please click here for the Michigan Department of Education Pupil Transportation FAQ.

Please note: video cameras may be in use on any Dexter Community School District transportation vehicle.

All families must review the Transportation Rules each year.

The rules listed below are provided by the State of Michigan. In the event of disruptive or otherwise inappropriate behavior on the bus, student riding privileges may be suspended for up to ten days at a time. Bus riding privileges may also be revoked for the balance of the school year.

Transportation Rules

  1. Students shall remain at least 10-20 feet well back from the roadway while waiting for the bus.
  2. Students shall enter the bus in an orderly fashion and go directly to their seat and remain seated until the destination is reached (bottoms on seats, feet in front of you on the floor, not in the aisle).
  3. Younger students should be permitted to enter first.
  4. All students will have assigned seats. The bus driver can move a student as needed.
  5. Students shall keep their hands, arms, and heads inside the bus and in their own personal space.
  6. Students are not to touch other student's belongings or other student's body parts in any way.
  7. Students are NOT allowed to swear or use profanity on the bus, school property or at bus stops.
  8. Personal audio devices including cell phones must have headphones to listen to music of any kind.
  9. There shall be NO shouting, roughhousing or throwing things on the bus or at the bus stop.
  10. Students shall observe all behavior rules related to safety, the well-being and respect of others.
  11. All articles such as athletic equipment, books, laptops, musical instruments, etc., must be kept out of aisles.
  12. The emergency exits must be used for emergencies only.  Students are not to touch safety equipment on the bus unless directed by the driver to do so.
  13. Students who must cross the street at a bus stop shall not do so until they receive a signal from the bus driver.  When crossing a street is necessary, it shall always be done in front of the bus at least 10 feet ahead of the bus so that the driver may adequately observe them. This means that the student/parent should be able to see the face of the bus driver.  The driver shall hold the bus with warning lights flashing (red lights) and stop sign out until the crossing has been completed.
  14. There shall be NO smoking or vaping of any kind on a school bus.  Flammable materials are strictly prohibited.
  15. There shall be NO eating on the school bus.
  16. Each student shall be at the designated bus stop 5 minutes before the scheduled time and ready to board the bus.  At drop off time a responsible person must be there to receive students in grades Y5's, K-2.  The driver is responsible for the maintenance of this schedule and cannot wait for tardy pupils.  
  17. Each student shall ride designated buses ONLY. We cannot accommodate changes for playdates, babysitting, etc. 
  18. Students shall respect property of others at the bus stop while waiting for the arrival the bus.
  19. Students must identify themselves to the bus driver when requested.
  20. Students shall stay off the traveled roadway at all times while waiting for the bus.
  21. Students shall remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop before attempting to get off the bus.
  22. Students may leave the bus only at the consent of the driver.
  23. Students may enter or leave the bus only at the front door after the bus has come to a stop except in the case of an emergency.
  24. Students should report to the driver at once any damage to the bus, which is observed.
  25. Students should help keep the bus clean, sanitary and orderly.
  26. All directions given by the bus driver are to be followed by all riders at all times.
  27. There shall be NO taking of pictures or video by students on the school bus at any time.


 Transportation Guidelines

Driver Responsibilities

Drivers will:

  • Be fully trained about safety procedures and regulations concerning school bus transportation.
  • Make sure that all pupils on the bus receive a copy of the rules for the bus.
  • Drivers are in charge of all passengers and will maintain order on the bus at all times.
  • Enforce Department policy for student crossing procedure, which includes proper use of hand signal.
  • Drop off students at parent-designated location or at school unless the health and/or safety of the students on the bus are in jeopardy.  (Students can be taken to the bus garage only if the immediate health or safety of the student is in question.)
  • Inform parents in writing and/or by telephone as soon as possible when a student is having a problem.
  • Work with the Transportation Supervisor and Building Principal to assure that students are disciplined appropriately when they violate bus rules.
  • Drivers will not transport students in any vehicle other than a Dexter Community School Bus.

Student Responsibilities

At the bus stop, students will:

  • Arrive at the bus stop 5-10 minutes prior to scheduled pick-up time.
  • Stay off roadway while waiting for the bus.
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before getting on or off the bus.
  • When crossing is necessary and permitted, a student will always cross 10 feet in front of the bus after waiting for the driver’s hand signal.
  • NEVER get mail or go to the mailbox while school bus is at the bus stop.
  • No student is allowed to cross over a road to get on or off a bus at a different assigned time or stop.

While on the bus, students will:

  • Occupy their seats and to refrain at all times from moving around in the bus.
  • All belongings, including band instruments, are to be held on the student’s lap during transportation.
  • Behave in a manner which allows the driver to safely operate the vehicle.
  • Obey the bus driver at all times.
  • Keep entire body inside the bus at all times.
  • No talking is permitted at railroad tracks.
  • Live pets or insects cannot be transported on a school bus.
  • No glass containers or bottles are allowed on buses.

Appropriate bus behavior:

  • Avoid loud, inappropriate and/or profane language.  (Use "inside voices" to prevent driver distraction)
  • Eating or drinking on the bus is not allowed.  (Exception: Medical Reasons)
  • Damages to any bus should be reported to the driver. Students will pay for any damages they cause on any bus.
  • Students will never throw anything inside the bus or out the window of a bus.
  • Pupils may not possess or consume alcoholic beverages.  Pupils shall not possess, smoke, or chew tobacco or possess or use any other drugs on buses.
  • Pupils shall not possess or use cigarette lighters, matches, or other flammable items on buses.
  • Weapons of any kind are not permitted on a school bus.
  • Public displays of affection are not acceptable behavior and will not be tolerated.
  • Never tamper with bus equipment.

Parent Responsibilities

Parents will:

  • Provide the necessary assistance needed by their child(ren) going to and from the bus stop.
  • Ensure that child(ren) will arrive at the bus stop 5 to 10 minutes prior to scheduled time.
  • Accept joint responsibility with the school authorities for the proper conduct of their child(ren).
  • Review the Rules of Transportation with their child(ren) and cooperate with disciplinary action.
  • Meet with those responsible for Pupil Transportation whenever requested.

District Responsibilities

District Responsibilities:

  • Provide transportation service to students who live outside the triangle formed by Dexter-Ann Arbor Road/Dan Hoey/Baker Road(exceptions for High School/Creekside/Special Needs students). The Superintendent and/or Board of Education can make exceptions to this rule.
  • Establish bus stops that meet the provisions of the Department of Education and the Michigan State Police.
  • The School District may pick up students on private roads, drives or streets.  Locations to be determined by the Transportation Director. Families may be asked to take students to a county-maintained road in order to be provided transportation service.
  • In certain high-traffic locations, bus stops will be located on the right side only.  Locations to be determined by the Transportation Director.
  • Bus service is not rendered to non-school sponsored activities.

In the event weather conditions cause school to be cancelled, the following will be contacted so parents can be notified of the cancellation of school:

Television:  Channel 2-Detroit, Channel 4-Detroit, Channel 7-Detroit
Radio:  760 am, 102.9 fm
Blackboard Connect:  phone contact

Rule Violations

Rule Violations

  • Should a student violate a bus rule, the driver will issue a Misconduct Report.
  • To maintain consistency in administering discipline, violations of bus rules are grouped into two (2) categories. Complete list of Group 1 (one) and Group 2 (two)
  • Violations and steps the violation procedure follows are dependent upon the severity of the violation. Building Principals assign consequences for student bus rule violations. 
  • All school building rules apply to students using school transportation. Students may receive consequences for inappropriate behavior beyond transportation consequences determined by Building Principal. This system will keep parents informed if their child (ren) does not conduct themselves properly, thus allowing the parents to take corrective action before more serious problems are encountered. 
  • Any violation of these rules by students during the last 2 (two) weeks of school may be carried over and charged to students the next school year.
Any time a student feels he/she has been wrongly issued a Misconduct Report, the report may be appealed in the following order:
  • Transportation Supervisor (for one day suspension issued by bus driver)
  • Building Principal
  • Superintendent of Schools
  • Board of Education

Lost and Found Items

All lost and found items generally remain on buses for up to 1 (one) week. Drivers then turn all found/unclaimed items into Transportation Office.  It is helpful to place names on all articles sent to school with your child(ren). 

All articles of clothing not claimed after one month will be donated to a local charity.

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